Sunday, January 23, 2011

Can I Learn HTML Programming Easily?

Have you ever thought of building a website of your own? Is it possible? The plain answer is YES, but how?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It has been longed used to present confidential and non-confidential information to humans around the world. It has been known to be the medium of communication between different parties to convey new and existing information.

HTML is easy to learn. There are tags which I suggest you to memorize for you to gain more familiarity to the structure. Make use of these tags as often as possible because these are vital in building a more complex website. As you progress and gain more knowledge, building a website for you is very easy.

I was able to look at my first HTML project, back when I was still a college student, a simple autobiography. It was so funny indeed. Colors do not match; styles are so awful, damn so pathetic. But you know this is just my first encounter with the scripting language. As I gain more familiarity with HTML, displaying website components is very easy for me. Now integrating CSS and JavaScript with HTML doesn’t seem to be very difficult for me to do.

What I suggest for you to learn HTML really fast is to look at W3School. There are a lot of HTML tutorials you can find there. Practice the basics first before diving to a more complex topic. You can do the script in a notepad and then save it as “sample.html” with the quotes of course, and then open it with any browser. Mastery is not done overnight so be patient.

Be motivated to be successful. To tell you honestly, programming is also done by trial and error. If there are some incompatibilities, don’t hesitate to do some research. There are also forums which could help you for free. Don’t hesitate to ask someone who is very knowledgeable to HTML because they know the best practice. You can learn more from them. 

If you have mastered HTML, you can build your own website design. Make use of it to earn money. You can also bid web design projects at Freelancer if you feel you can already do it.

Start learning HTML now onwards.

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