Friday, January 21, 2011

Earn at your spare time by typing - Kolotibablo

Are you tired of online scams? Yes I am too. I tried so much and work as much as I can only to find out in the end, it is a scam. Don't worry, I'm not gonna refer you or cheat you, I just want to share something it really works, at least for me. Your earning is yours and that's guaranteed.

As shown in the figure below, I was paid two times in 2011. In fact, I just recently joined this site, tried it and it really worked. You can cashout when you reach $1. Only, they pay thru webmoney. My way to withdraw my webmoney is to sell my dollar/s to a legitimate local Forex and they are the one depositing to my local bank account. Earning money here is really easy. Just type the letter shown in the picture in the textboxes and hit enter, the counter will begin displaying how many have you typed. As you type more, your level increases and thus you gain more bonus.

Increase your earnings by:
  • If your in GMT+8 pacific time, you must login between 4am to 9am because server workload is really high. They offer the most to $0.65/1000 capchas, the server is really fast.
  • The time is limited only to 10 seconds. If you feel you can't do it in 10 seconds, just hit any key continuously and limit will reset to 10 seconds so you won't miss.
  • If you can't read the display, just put ? in the textbox so the number of the type capchas will still increase, the thing is you will not be credited for the wrong capcha you have typed.
  • Don't use any external software. I've tried it and I got a warning from them. They will ban your account if they found you're cheating them. The drawback? your earnings will be gone too.
What are you waiting for, register to and start earning. This is a Russian site but there is an English version so it won't be difficult for you. You can also increase your earnings by working as a team.


The link I gave you is not a referral. A referral link would be displayed something like this; existing). Just give it a try.

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