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Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Art by Kiss

It usual to see artwork painted using hands but not Natalie Irish of Houston, Texas. She paints her pieces without touching any paintbrushes. She does his artworks using her lips with lipstick and pressing it on to a blank canvas.

In a recent video she uploaded to YouTube (made by Chris O'Malley), Ms Irish creates a gorgeous portrait of icon Marilyn Monroe, solely with the use of her puckered lips.
Ms Irish told that she had learned how to paint pictures with thumbprints back in high school.

She said: 'I always got a good response from them, but because it had been done before by other artists, I never felt like it was "my own".'I was getting ready to go to a show one night and put on a bit of red lipstick. I blotted it on a piece of paper and it hit me. 'I started experimenting and decided Marilyn Monroe would be the perfect candidate for a portrait with kisses!'

Ms Irish admitted that her lips get very tired, and that she owns 'many tubes of both lipstick and chapstick'. She said her eyes get tired from constantly moving between very close to farther back from the canvas to examine her work. Getting cheeky on her website,, she wrote of herself, 'There are rumors that she has been creating works of art since in utero.
'Following her birth, Natalie Irish quickly began to shock and amaze every entity with her astonishing artwork of all conceivable mediums and dominate all competitions of the arts'.(source: Mail Online)

Natalie Irish, an artist based in Houston, Texas seems to put this classic lipstick snafu to good use.

Instead of a paintbrush, Ms Irish employs her rouged lips to create a portrait of Marilyn Monroe

Ms Irish has found her own way of adding colour to her life

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Google I/O 2011: Android Controlled by Android

Does giant GOOGLE and its ANDROID recognizes the trend to build a robot controlled by bluetooth technology (actually, any wireless technology)? Fascinated with the idea, I begin to search and found something in Youtube. Half-circled head, closed tube body and hand and a wheel. The most fascinating of course for me is that, if produces sound and this is controlled by and Nexus S 4G phone via bluetooth.

Ologic built this Bug Droid robot for Google I/O 2011. It communicates with an Android Nexus S 4G phone via bluetooth. The Android phone control app was written in the drag-and-drop App Inventor.

Here is the video:

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Reaching Your Customers With Internet Marketing Blog

Blog Marketing or an Internet Marketing Blog is a great way advertisers and producers reach customers and publishers easily. Moreover, it creates a two way link between customers and producers because marketers can feature their products via preview before it can be released. Customers on the other hand can give feedback to the sample regarding anything they have experience from the product. Customers can even make cash by giving feedback to the product.

Capitalizing on customers is the center of business nowadays. By blog marketing which often feature daily posts, customers can have a fresh look at which product they might want to buy. With regular updates being handled by the company executive team, product marketing, and product strategy teams can make it easier by creating a web page that advertise their products clearly.

I honestly believe that blog marketing can help each core fragment of what makes up a successful and viable company. The core needs for any business are as follows: o Decent ideas o A great product o Visibility o A well-trained team of people who work hard to make the company succeed.

You also need good marketing, great customer relations, an awesome sales force, decent customer support, and a host of other factors. But if you have ideas, a product worth selling, a solid team behind it, and potential customers, the rest will follow naturally.

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How Long Do You Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED, "male impotence") is sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual performance.

A penile erection is the hydraulic effect of blood entering and being retained in sponge-like bodies within the penis. The process is often initiated as a result of sexual arousal, when signals are transmitted from the brain to nerves in the penis. Erectile dysfunction is indicated when an erection is difficult to produce. There are various circulatory causes, including alteration of the voltage-gated potassium channel, as in arsenic poisoning from drinking water. The most important organic causes are cardiovascular disease and diabetes, neurological problems (for example, trauma from prostatectomy surgery), hormonal insufficiencies (hypogonadism) and drug side effects.

Psychological impotence is where erection or penetration fails due to thoughts or feelings (psychological reasons) rather than physical impossibility; this is somewhat less frequent but often can be helped. Notably in psychological impotence, there is a strong response to placebo treatment. Erectile dysfunction, tied closely as it is about ideas of physical well being, can have severe psychological consequences.(source: Wikipedia)

Erectile dysfunction, else known as impotence is a common reproductive problem occurring due to the impact of both physical and psychological factors. Nervous disorders, high stress, depression, hormonal imbalance and prolonged use of drugs are some main risk factors producing erectile dysfunction. At present, there are several treatments available for curing this reproductive problem. If not treated in earlier stages of life, it may negatively impact on marital life. Treatments are chosen only after analyzing the right cause of disorder. Time needed for completing treatment varies according to the severity of problem.

If you are planning to buy some dietary supplements from market, it is advised to choose one made out of herbal ingredients for ensuring safety. Picking herbal supplements free from harsh chemicals and preservatives reduces the risk of adverse action on users. Now, let's search some among the best cures for impotence and how long does it take to cure erectile dysfunction problem?

Zinc supplement is one of the best and strongest cures for impotence. Poultry, beans, legumes, whole grains and nuts are some food sources rich in zinc concentration. Today, there are lots of zinc dietary supplements available in market in the form of tablets, capsules and as powders. Improving the immune system of body, promoting the health of skin and hair cells, increasing the strength of bone, enhancing memory power and lowering bad cholesterol level are highlighting benefits of using zinc supplements. Those people with low level of zinc concentration are more likely to catch impotence than others.

Those people are advised to intake more than 100 mg of zinc supplement per day. It may take about four to eight weeks duration for achieving best results. L-arginine, a well known amino acid is another common cure suggested for reproductive problem. Patients suffering from impotence are often recommended to intake 1500 mg of L-arginine per day for curing erectile dysfunction. It has reported no side effect and is safe to use for longer period of time.

Time and patience are two major factors needed for curing erectile dysfunction problem. Gingko biloba, one among the best known aphrodisiacs is a perfect herbal remedy for reproductive troubles. It has been used for centuries for the preparation of ayurvedic medicines. Improving blood flow through out the body, regulating nervous functions, boosting metabolic activities of body and stimulating energy production in cells are main advantages of using gingko biloba extract. It is recommended to intake 100 mg of gingko biloba extract two times per day between meals for attaining best results. Damiana leaf, mainly found in Mexican countries is another natural cure for reproductive troubles.

Apart from curing impotence, it also helps in curing anxiety, asthma, depression and headache. At present, you can easily get damiana leaf extract from market in the form of capsules and liquid extracts. You can take damiana extract for an extended period of time as per the guidance of your health practitioner. Patients suffering from erectile dysfunction problems are advised to intake 400 mg of damiana extract capsule twice per day for attaining best results.

Read effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment. Also know Male Libido Enhancers. Read about Premature Ejaculation Cure.(source: Base Articles)

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