Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Art by Kiss

It usual to see artwork painted using hands but not Natalie Irish of Houston, Texas. She paints her pieces without touching any paintbrushes. She does his artworks using her lips with lipstick and pressing it on to a blank canvas.

In a recent video she uploaded to YouTube (made by Chris O'Malley), Ms Irish creates a gorgeous portrait of icon Marilyn Monroe, solely with the use of her puckered lips.
Ms Irish told that she had learned how to paint pictures with thumbprints back in high school.

She said: 'I always got a good response from them, but because it had been done before by other artists, I never felt like it was "my own".'I was getting ready to go to a show one night and put on a bit of red lipstick. I blotted it on a piece of paper and it hit me. 'I started experimenting and decided Marilyn Monroe would be the perfect candidate for a portrait with kisses!'

Ms Irish admitted that her lips get very tired, and that she owns 'many tubes of both lipstick and chapstick'. She said her eyes get tired from constantly moving between very close to farther back from the canvas to examine her work. Getting cheeky on her website,, she wrote of herself, 'There are rumors that she has been creating works of art since in utero.
'Following her birth, Natalie Irish quickly began to shock and amaze every entity with her astonishing artwork of all conceivable mediums and dominate all competitions of the arts'.(source: Mail Online)

Natalie Irish, an artist based in Houston, Texas seems to put this classic lipstick snafu to good use.

Instead of a paintbrush, Ms Irish employs her rouged lips to create a portrait of Marilyn Monroe

Ms Irish has found her own way of adding colour to her life

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