Saturday, May 28, 2011

Customize CSS for Blogger

Blogger is so much flexible. It has so much to offer. Though it has its limitations, I'm sure it is still convenient to use specially for people who may want to begin blogging. Moreso, there are blogger help sites who offer very conservative solutions so complex situations. There are also blogger help forums which you can ask help and get answers real-time.

Though blogger templates are offered, sometimes we do not want to use the default. So we may want to consider some tweaks and alter the default template design to be favorable to us. Here, I'll show you a blogger hack to add a customize CSS to your page.
Go to the Design tab and click on Template Designer
Look for Advanced and Add CSS. You'll be able to add your customize CSS to the text area on the right side.
Sample CSS is shown below.

 font-family: Calibri;
 color: red;
 font-weight: bold;
 opacity: 0.5;

Add the customize CSS to any acceptable html tags.

Here is the result:

The style is a customize CSS.

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