Tuesday, May 24, 2011

VB6 Stinks

Ok, so I am a developer / programmer / software engineer. Choose a name. It doesn't matter to me as long as the paycheck clears! Some people I know get very bent out of shape over titles.

Anyway, I am a hardcore fan of Java(C++, C#, C, etc.). I am not a BIG fan of 'Basic'(VB,Delphi etc.) style language. I'm with Object-Oriented Programming. Why? I dunno. I guess, I have already incorporated the best programming practices. OOP is clean and readable. They are explainable because you associate your code to an object. It is very maintainable and easy to fix. Not like the "pain in the ass" VB6 (sorry VB6 die hard fans!). Most probably, you are getting more pissed with this reactions on VB6.

  • VB code looks ugly. Ugly, ugly, ugly...
  • Visual basic is like programming with your eyes poked out. Even the editor sux - always interrupting you by making stupid assumptions about what you're typing. Set Dim Yuk. More words that contribute nothing.
  • if (your_programskill is Nothing) then Goto VisualBasic
  • Not only is it a programming language for horrible programmers, it also does a horrible job at doing so! There is SO much more power, speed, and cross-platform compatibility that can be harnessed with languages such as Python, if only people could learn JUST a bit more...no, I'm not talking about IronPython.
  • Visual Basic produces sh***y programmers.

As for my own experience, VB6 is boring. Is not worth of the time studying. Moreover, I don't to be labeled as DRAG ADDICT. DRAG that Form now!

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