Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thousands threaten to quit Netflix

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If you're a Netflix subscriber, you received a rude awakening today in your inbox when the company announced it would no longer be offering a combined DVD and streaming plan and would instead separate the services, for a minimum cost of about $16 a month if you still want both.

I've been with Netflix since 2000, but only recently downgraded from three DVDs a month to one and unlimited streaming. I got this today:

Your current $9.99 a month membership for unlimited streaming and unlimited DVDs will be split into 2 distinct plans:
Plan 1: Unlimited Streaming (no DVDs) for $7.99 a month Plan 2: Unlimited DVDs, 1 out at-a-time (no streaming) for $7.99 a month

Your price for getting both of these plans will be $15.98 a month ($7.99 + $7.99). You don't need to do anything to continue your memberships for both unlimited streaming and unlimited DVDs.

These prices will start for charges on or after September 1, 2011.

These changes raised the ire of Netflix's fans on Facebook, almost 9,000 of whom stormed onto its page to voice their vehement disapproval. Many of them complained about Netflix's "greed" and said they were going to leave Netflix for Redbox. Other users suggested services like Crackle, Hulu Plus and even Blockbuster.

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