Thursday, June 9, 2011

Best Of Bread Songs

Here we go.

I just wanna share songs I love listening to. This songs were from Bread. Most of this songs have paved their way to success because of the persuasive and charismatic sounds. Love to here it. Download songs HERE

Those who had more than their fill of the likes of England Dan & John Ford Coley in the '70s had Bread to thank for the proliferation of such acts. Bread, led by David Gates, took all of the softer aspects of the post-'60s folk metamorphosis and none of the artistry. Songs like "Make It with You" and "Baby I'm A-Want You" were enormous hits, but nothing compared to the success of "If." Surveys would probably show that eight out of 10 weddings in the years after the song's debut had it squeezed somewhere in the ceremonial proceedings. Anthology doesn't really offer anything that some select surfing of adult easy listening stations doesn't already provide. It also shows that in the end, most of Bread's material, while a staple of the aural diet of many, ultimately has become stale as their namesake.

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