Friday, June 17, 2011

Survey Monkey

It's Saturday actually but I don't want to be unproductive so I opened my laptop and browse the net. Planning to watch on youtube. Maybe UFC or anything exciting. I don't know what came into my mind but I opened Alexa to check my ranking (not good actually) and it came to my attention what is this fucking SurveyMonkey. Well, I know what is this survey thing. A bunch of questionnaires you have to answer for you to generate certain percentage for, let's say a case study. Anyway, I decided to follow the site.

Actually it is really a tool. This survey monkey site helps you maximize your effort by utilizing its tools which in turn it provides you an statistical result that will help you decide the choice with most favorable result.

Here is what they say about Survey Monkey.

"Survey Monkey cuts out the busy work of collecting data and help us keep our foodies engaged and satisfied."
Alexa Malott
Community Manager at Foodbuzz

"SurveyMonkey makes scheduling practices and organizing travel 1,000 times easier."
Craig Bankowski
Palo Alto Elite Volleyball Club

"SurveyMonkey makes gathering student feedback and organizing campus events almost too easy"
Anne Ho
Graduate Teaching Assistant/Student at USF

"SurveyMonkey helps me get the insight of a big marketing machine at the speed and cost of a start-up"
Brady Wood
VP Marketing & Business Development at Shmoop

Take a tour at SurveyMonkey and see it for yourself. For those whom it may be applicable, just give a try. Signing up for BASIC is FREE.

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