Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Ultimate Mind Reading Trick

The Ultimate Mind Reading Trick is very easy to make and also very easy to perform. The effect is considered an impromptu trick because it is always ready to go when you want to perform it. Because the ten cards that are needed for the trick are only about 3 1/2 inches by 2 inches it is very easy to carry with you and perform for anyone whenever you want. The magic trick can be performed for more than one person at once and is amazing whether you do it for one person or several people. Everything can be examined by the spectator(s) after the magic trick because there are no gimmicks and nothing to hide, it really is an amazing effect and it is my favorite magic trick to carry and perform for people.


You tell the spectator that you have 10 cards and that each card has the name of 10 different countries on it. You let the spectator examine the cards to see that there is a total of 100 countries and that they are all different and that there are 10 different countries on each card. You now ask the spectator to just think of any of the 100 countries and keep it a secret. Once the spectator has chosen a country you simply ask him/her to tell you what card has the country that was selected. Once the spectator tells you the card, you pick up all of the cards and hand them to the spectator and have them shuffled. Once the cards are shuffled you ask the spectator to turn the cards over so now the back side of the cards are facing up. You have the spectator place the cards down back side up so that both of you can see all of the countries that are listed on the cards. You ask the spectator to find the country that he/she is thinking about, but not to say it out loud and to continue to keep it a secret. Once the spectator has located the selected country, ask him/her to simply let you know what card it is located on. Each of the cards facing up at this point have 10 different countries listed on them. You pick up the card that the spectator indicates has the selected country and you instantly reveal the name of the country that was chosen.

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