Friday, June 17, 2011

Rebecca Black Video Off Youtube

Who may not know Rebecca Black? The 13 year old Youtube sensation known for her song Friday. I was able to watch the video which they say it is notoriously bad. If you were not able to watch it, you may have lost your chance because Rebecca's family have taken down the video. According to the news, the family decided to take down the video because Ark Music Factory, the company they hired to make it, is wrongfully exploiting the song and Rebecca's image.

Ark controls the video's YouTube account. Last week Ark briefly charged users $2.99 for three-day viewing rights of the video. It seems Rebecca and her family did not "get down" with the fee. "Friday" fans have taken to Twitter to express their remorse over "Friday's" funeral with the hashtags #sadfriday and #nothingcomesafterthursday.


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